Jill (Cinderella, Snow Queen, Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel, Mermaid Princess)

Jill is no stranger to making dreams come true! Whether that means brilliant stage productions, or one on one experiences,
her extensive experience with children allows her to bring her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance to even the tiniest
tea party, with the perfect princess smile. No situation is too unpredictable with her experience as an improv artist and street performer. She has taught children professionally in stage makeup, and locally in performing arts. Jill approaches her work with enthusiasm and care. She curbs the most boisterous highness and entices the shiest royalty to enjoy a magical experience that no one will soon forget.  Her favorite character is Elsa from Frozen because a loving heart mixed with magic can make any event warm enough to melt an icy storm.

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Headshot For Noelle

Josh (Peter, Spider Hero, Space Samurai: Apprentice Kerand)

Peter Pan

Josh is a student at Wake Tech Community College working on his Associates of Fine Arts in Music. He has been making children’s dreams come true by volunteering with other entertainment companies for charity events across the east coast appearing as Rapunzel’s Prince and the Mad Hatter. He is a high-energy performer that jumps at the opportunity to get down on a child’s level.  His favorite character is Peter Pan because he believes that no one should ever truly grow up. He believes one should always be in touch with their inner child.  No matter how old a person is physically, they shouldn’t be afraid of spending a day fighting dragons and storming castles. He is an active actor in the theatrical community of the Triangle, most recently seen in North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theater’s production of Seussical The Musical, Theatre for Young Audiences. He is a versatile actor that will make sure every lost boy or girl at the party has an enjoyable experience with a little faith, trust and pixie dust.




Julia (Snow Queen, Beauty, Rapunzel, Dorothy, Space Samurai: Master Opkha)

Julia has taught music and theatre to kids for over 9 years and loves to perform and work with kids.  Her stage performances began when she was in elementary school, and she now enjoys performing in and directing shows in the Triangle Area including productions with Raleigh Little Theatre, North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre, Cary Players, Right On Cue Kids Theater, and Oakwood Waits, the Dicken’s-era vocal ensemble.  She also teaches private voice, piano, flute, and recorder lessons.   Julia is certified with a Basic Pass in Broadsword by the Society of American Fight Directors (2015).  She loves to bring the excitement of wonderful storybook characters to life for kids and has been doing children’s parties for over a year.  Julia has a passion for crafting and art, making children’s parties a dream come true for her to do!  Her favorite princess is Ariel because of her joy of exploring and learning, and her love of singing.

Dorothy Julia 2                            


Lauren Headshot

Lauren (Ice Princess, Snow Queen, Cinderella, Rapunzel)

Lauren is a student at Meredith College studying theatre arts. She has been making children’s dreams come true performing at princess parties, and very recently made one of her own childhood dreams come true; playing Cinderella in Raleigh Little Theatre’s Cinderella XXI! Needless to say her favorite princess is Cinderella because she believes in kindness, hope, and making dreams come true! Plus, she knows the power of a great pair of shoes.  If you’re looking for an energetic princess who’s always ready with a joke or a song, Lauren is the princess for you!











Lormarev (Bayou Princess)

TianaCasual Headshot

Lormarev is a local actor, educator, and choreographer who has worked professionally in the Triangle for the past decade. Her favorite princess is Tiana because she’s an independent woman who starts her own restaurant business!  Lormarev earned her B.A. in Theatre from Meredith College in Raleigh and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, NY. She has taught the arts to young people of all ages: as a teacher for ArtsTogether’s preschool program as well as a musical theatre choreographer for local high schools and youth theatre organizations.






Mark Jedi picMark (Space Samurai: Apprentice Algren)

Mark is a young actor based in Apex, NC. He is currently pursuing a professional acting career and has been performing locally for over 4 years. He is a huge fan of Star Wars and has dreamed of becoming a Jedi since he was a little kid.  A firm believer in happy endings, he is always looking for opportunities to bring smiles to others faces. He also believes that everyone deserves a chance to shine. He may look serious on the outside, but don’t let that fool you. He’s always ready to crack a joke or make a funny face. If you like to be silly and go on adventures, Mark is the hero for you.  He is available for Space Samurai parties.



NoelleHeadshoteditNoelle (Snow Queen, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, noelle saber effectMermaid Princess, Beauty, Tink, Dorothy and Space Samurai: Master Atzani)

Noelle has been acting for over 20 years, and she has been using her acting degree and background in children’s theatre and improv to make magical birthday parties for children for four years now!  Noelle’s favorite princess is Belle because she also dreams about adventure in the great wide somewhere…and a giant Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.42.52 PMlibrary of her very own!  If you’re looking for a princess who is just as comfortable attending a fancy tea as she is playing on the playground equipment with the kids, Noelle is the princess for you! When she isn’t princess-ing, Noelle works as a paralegal and is very active in the local theatre community.  She is certified with a Basic Pass in Broadsword by the Society of American Fight Directors (2015). Noelle is available for Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Mermaid Princess, Beauty, Rapunzel, Snow Queen, Dorothy and Space Samurai parties.  Noelle is also available for Adventure Package parties. With over 15 years of Stage Combat experience in rapier, broadsword, unarmed, and lightsaber, Noelle is ready to create a fun and safe party experience for all of your little adventurers!

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Pimpila (Arabian Princess, First Princess, Space Samurai: Apprentice Nelani)

Pimpila has been a local actor for over 5 years. She has ample experience through her theater degree and professional endeavours in working with children of all ages on and off stage.  Pimpila’s favorite princesses are Belle and Mulan as she too believes in being true to your family and heart. She also knows it sometimes takes a woman to save the guy.  She is looking forward to making dreams come true for your special someone’s birthday! If you’re looking for a princess who knows how to balance adventure, poise, and family fun, Pimpila is the one for you! When not being a princess, Pimpila works in customer service at the Cary Arts Center while pursuing a professional acting career. She is certified with a Basic Pass in Broadsword by the Society of American Fight Directors (2015).

Sofia Wishing

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.54.26 PM







Tiffany (Ice Princess, Snow Queen, Beauty, Alice, Tink)

Tiffany is a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, through which she participated in an internship with the Walt Disney Company and was able to be a part of the magic in the parks at Disney World for five months!  Tiffany’s favorite princess is Tiana because she too knows the importance of food, bringing people together, and meeting wishing stars halfway with hard work and determination in order to achieve your dreams.  She would probably whack a frog with a book if it talked to her, too.  She has been involved with theatre and the arts for much of her life and adores working with children, especially for such exciting things as birthdays — and especially when she can spread around princess magic. Stories, tea parties, princess twirls, and jungle gyms are some of her absolute specialties, but Tiffany is a curious princess and is always excited to see what the kids have in store!

Anna TiffanyAliceTink