Our enchanting characters will make your event magical!

Elsa   Elsa and Anna   10849007_723622734412447_9206788047490769116_o Merida

Snow Queen                                            Snow Sisters                                      Ice Princess*                                 Highland Princess


      The First Princess*                                                         Spider Hero                                             Space Samurai: Master Atzani


                Bayou Princess                               Rapunzel*                             Mermaid Princess                                    Tink

Peter Pan    10010587_724783600963027_5339004775643925514_o     Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.54.26 PM     10868135_724751167632937_1236771396115867840_n

Peter*                                     Cinderella                                         Arabian Princess                             Beauty

    Mark Jedi pic       

Sleeping Beauty*           Space Samurai: Apprentice Algren                                  Dorothy*                                       Alice*

   Jedi Apprentice   10952096_728524073922313_4740210439649475284_n   Jedi Master

              Space Samurai: Apprentice Nelani                      Snow White*                                          Space Samurai: Master Opkha

Highland Princess

Pictures Coming Soon For:

Elenita Princessa

Super Hero

Super Heroine

Wonder Heroine


*These characters are recommended for parties and events booked at highly active locations, such as bounce houses and trampoline arenas.  While all of our characters are happy to jump in the fun to the extent their attire allows, these are especially well suited for joining kids in playtime!  Please note that Rapunzel prefers to play with her short, brunette hairstyle.  Her lovely long blonde braided style tends to get “tangled” during playtime!